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The transformation of our business will mean big changes for our employees. During times of uncertainty, clear, open and frequent communications with our employees is one of the best ways we can support them. We try to provide many ways to engage with each other and with management including a corporate intranet (AEP Now), webcasts, employee meetings, town hall meetings, e-mail, online communities, blogs and other vehicles.

The AEP Now intranet site is the hub of most communications across the company. Employees visited the site approximately 9.6 million times in 2011, a slight increase over 2010. Approximately 45 million pages were viewed by employees. A popular feature of the site allows employees to post comments about corporate news or external news stories. It is not anonymous, and there are guidelines to ensure the dialogue remains respectful. The magnitude with which employees engage through this feature reflects senior management’s willingness to foster an open culture. The dialogue also gives management insight into the issues that concern employees. We held 23 employee webcasts in 2011 on topics such as safety and health initiatives, environmental issues, leadership transition and business transformation

Before being named CEO, AEP President Nick Akins embarked on a system wide employee listening tour. He visited nearly 20 AEP facilities and met with more than 1,000 employees at all levels. They talked about local business issues, stock performance, our transformation plan, his vision for the future and other issues. Read more about Nick’s plans to continue connecting with employees in Our People.

AEP encourages employees to better understand how their jobs support the company’s sustainability and profitability. For the third consecutive year, we held Energy Sustainability Week in September 2011, working to connect employees to AEP’s business strategy. For example, we took an electric vehicle to the Rockport Plant in Indiana to help employees understand the connection between the electricity they produce and the new technologies that need it. At Public Service Company of Oklahoma, President Nick Akins participated in an employee activity about energy efficiency. We held more than 50 sustainability awareness activities in all 11 states, including executive visits to work locations.
  • For more data, please see the LA section of AEP's Global Reporting Initiative G3 questionnaire.
Akins Listening TourAkins visited AEP Texas employees in Abilene and Corpus Christi.