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The link between our financial and nonfinancial performance is strong and growing stronger; we can’t be healthy in one without the other. Our environmental performance is directly related to our financial performance, for example, and the same is true for worker health and safety. Many of our investors are increasingly seeing this connection. Our job is to inform them specifically about how our strategies capitalize on these links.

The uncertainty about Ohio regulations and federal and state environmental rules has caused our share price to be discounted, compared with our peers as defined by the S&P Utilities Index. Our four-part strategy plan is designed  to reduce our share price discount and maximize long-term value to shareholders.

Our job is to demonstrate to investors that we are ready and able to meet whatever challenge comes our way, but without more certainty from state and federal regulators, we are at a disadvantage. It is senior management’s priority to narrow this gap and make AEP the desirable, profitable stock that it should be.

In 2011, we participated in 26 investor conferences and in-person forums, hosted 11 investor visits to our corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, and met with more than 600 financial analysts and investors in five countries. Our discussions most often focused on the legislative and regulatory uncertainties we faced in Ohio and with the EPA.

We kicked off our investor relations efforts in 2012 with an analyst and investor meeting in New York City in February. While our EPA uncertainties seem to have been resolved, the Ohio situation remains opaque and most likely will dominate investor outreach in 2012.We also plan to reach out more aggressively to our retail investor base in 2012 because a larger retail investor base provides more stability to our stock price. At the end of 2011, approximately 33 percent of our investors were retail investors, representing a 17 percent increase from year-end 2010.

  • For more data, please see the Economic section of AEP's Global Reporting Initiative G3 questionnaire.
26 Investor Conferences