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EU24 - Practices to address language, cultural, low literacy and disability related barriers to access and safely use electricity and customer support services

AEP utilizes multiple communication channels to address the needs of all customer classes. While providing 1-800 toll free TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) service is available 24/7 for hearing impaired. Available to all customers’ access to each individual state websites for a variety of functions: view bill, account balance, payment history, usage, start/stop service, update phone number, mailing address and report power outages. Customers take advantage of our Third Party vendors translating a variety of languages, printing Braille bills and supported Large Print bills (at 130% larger bills for the visually impaired). The customer bill messaging and bill inserts each month notifies customers of many energy efficiency programs and other products and services.

  • Statement 2 - A TDD message is displayed on bills and bill backer forms.
  • Statement 3 - All websites give access to the above stated functions.
  • Statement 4 - Our Third Party vendor translating a variety of languages is Language Select. Braille Bills are processed through a vendor, The League of the Blind and Disabled. Large Print Bills are handled in house through Workplace Services.
  • Statement 5 - The Marketing, Consumer Programs and Corporate Communications groups submit bill messages and inserts.