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EU16 - Policies and requirements regarding health and safety of employees and employees of contractors and subcontractors

We have 52 Safety & Health policies and procedures all of which are listed on the Safety & Health web page for easy reference. Employees are educated/trained in these policies and procedures and how they interact with the work they typically perform. Employees' training is managed and tracked in a Learning Management System (LMS). For contractors, training requirements are addressed in our Service Agreements and Contracts as terms and conditions. Contractors have to acknowledge the training their employees receive as they are being considered for work for American Electric Power. In some situations that require specialty requirements such as asbestos abatement, the contractors have to present certification that their training has taken place and is up-to-date.

Safety & Health continues to review these on an review dates on an annual basis. S&H continues to work with the Business Units to assure contractors are aware of these requirements.