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EU14 - Processes to ensure retention and renewal of skilled workforce

AEP's operations require a highly skilled workforce to perform a wide range of roles in a safe and efficient manner. To ensure the availability of the skilled workforce required, AEP uses a variety of programs or processes. Use of these are dependent on individual business unit / department needs.

Attraction programs or processes:

  • Troops to Energy - AEP is participating in an effort to link veterans leaving military service to job openings in the energy industry
  • Recruiting Friendly Policies
  • Pre-employment Skill Development through Training Alliances / School partnerships and Co-op / Internship Programs
  • College Relations & Recruiting
  • Recruiting
  • Hard Hatted Women - AEP is participating with a nonprofit organization that matches female talent to industry demand by developing a pipeline of qualified female candidates in growing high-wage industries, such as energy and utilities

Development programs or processes:

  • Skill / Knowledge Development (including Technical Training Programs / Apprenticeships and Professional License & Certificates)
  • Tuition Assistance - encourages employees to grow their knowledge and expertise
  • Knowledge Transfer / Management (including Communities of Practice)
  • Development Opportunities (through development planning, job rotations, special assignments, online learning)
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Talent Planning (including our Targeted Development programs and Succession Planning)
  • Mentoring Programs including our Legacy of Knowledge program.

Retention programs or processes:

  • Performance Coaching
  • Culture Improvement Activities
  • Total Compensation Package
  • Employee Activities
  • Company Benefits including Health & Wellness and Work / Life Programs
  • Various recognition programs

Programs or processes to adjust work structure / design to most effectively utilize the existing workforce Reorganization / Re-Allocation of Resources

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