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EU Commentary on LA1 - Report on total contractor workforce by employment type, employment contract and region

AEP makes use of a contracted workforce. This includes staff augmentation that allows us to meet the peak demands sometimes faced in our daily operations. This type of contract workforce is oriented to the basic Safety & Health expectations that all AEP employees are expected to adhere to.

The contract workforce also includes contractors that assist in the major work such as construction and tree trimming that is being done in and to our facilities that help us as a company to more efficiently provide our product to our customers. AEP does have a Contractor Oversight Program through which our expectations for Contractor Safety & Health are identified. The contractor is expected to assure their employees are trained to perform the work and our Terms & Conditions allow for us to review this training documentation as requested. In addition, AEP performs various forms of follow-up depending on the scope of the contracted work being done. This includes observations of the work as it is being done to a post work evaluation to see where changes might enhance the effort.