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EU Commentary HR5 – Report on management mechanisms to address the right to strike or instances of lock out, etc.

Contracts include "no strike clauses" indicating when the union has the right to strike and when they do not. 

Organizing Conduct, as specified in AEP's Master Agreement with the IBEW has specific language as follows:  “The company and union agree that in the event that the Union engages in organizing efforts among AEP unrepresented employees, neither party shall coerce or intimidate employees during the course of an organizing campaign.  The Companies agree to refrain from negative public statements concerning the IBEW or any IBEW officer, representative or member.  The Unions, their officers, representatives and employees agree not to publicly express negative comments concerning the Companies' integrity or motives including the integrity or motives of the Companies'  officers, directors, agents or employees.  The parties agree that all oral or written statements made during the course of an organizing campaign shall be factual.”

Duty to bargain is governed by the National Labor Relations Act