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EU Commentary on EN22 - Include PCB waste, nuclear waste, volume of spent nuclear fuel sent for processing and reprocessing per year. In addition, report radioactive waste produced per net

Measurement 2011
Hazardous Waste Generated (lbs) 2,639,251(2)
Hazardous Waste Disposed (lbs) 2,607,762
Hazardous Waste Recycled (lbs) 31,489
Paper Recycled (lbs) 1,233,816
Metal Recycled (lbs) 35,158,825
Light bulbs Recycled (bulbs) 215,730
Batteries / Lead Recycled (lbs) 287,721
Electronic Equipment Recycled (pounds) 205,102
Oil Recycled (gallons) 1,230,104
Beneficially Reused CCP (tons) (1) 2,943,736
Parts Washer Solvent Recycled (gallons) 39,643
Oily Water Cleaned and Recycled (gallons) 324,087
Antifreeze Recycled (gallons) 22,170
Plastic / Aluminum Cans / Cardboard / Wood 336,932
1: Doesn't include FGD used for the Abandoned Mine project at the CV Prep Plant.
2: Includes 2,465,554 pounds of CCS high Selenium water from Mountaineer Plant.
PCB Waste (>500 ppm PCB) 2011
Type of item disposed Quantity
Ballasts and Small Capacitors 168
Bushings 117
Drums of debris / sludge (>50 ppm or unknown) 1636
Oil (gallons) 2116
Electrical Equipment 138
Other items 0