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EU EN14 - Commentary

  • Report the impacts (including fragmentation and isolation), develop mitigation measures, and monitor residual effects at new sites and existing sites on the following: 
  • Forested areas (e.g., alterations to tree crown density);
  • Loss of indigenous species;
  • Landscape (e.g., impacts of wind farms, transmission lines); and
  • Marine freshwater and wetland ecosystems (e.g., downstream water quality including turbidity, sedimentation, siltation and water quality of reservoir and other water bodies).

    Assessment and mitigation should consider conservation plans for indigenous species, alterations in the migration, breeding, or habitat of animals (e.g., fish passage) from the
    reporting organization’s infrastructure (e.g., power lines and dams).

[Refer to EN14, which covers the above topics, as well as provides commentary on the impacts and mitigation measure to forested areas, indigenous species, landscapes and freshwater and wetland ecosystems.]