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EN19 - Greenhouse gas emissions

This is a very conservative estimate of AEP's HFC done for EPA's Climate Leaders program in 2010. It assumes that our facilities emit HFCs at half the rate as Cook Plant -- a gross over estimation. But this is what CH2MHill required for EPA Climate Leaders. Mountaineer CCS is no longer operating. Without CCS leakage the AEP tonnage would be 28,850 Metric Tons CO2e per year rather than 50,670.

Plant/ Facility Type of Equipment Refrigerant Used Total Refrigerant Emissions (lb/year) GWP Total CO2 equiv emissions (lb/year)
Cook Chillers R502 468.5 5590 2,618,915.0
Cook Chillers R22 160.0 1700 272,000.0
Total (lbs.) Ammonia R410A 24,087.0 1997 48,101,739.0
Total (metric tons)   23,129.9

Note - R22 is an HCFC, which is not required to be included in the inventory. However, other plants may be using HFCs, so it is left in to represent a worst case.

Total AEP Generation Chillers/AC for 42 stations at 50% of Cook's leakage rate (very conservative) 50,668.0 Metric Tons CO2e Per Year

This is the estimate of HFC emissions done for EPA's Climate Leaders program for 2010. It was reviewed and approved by CH3MHill/EPA.

Also see Total direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by weight (EN16)