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EN17 - Other relevant indirect greenhouse gas emissions by weight

For 2011 AEP has not yet calculated any other indirect emissions or small source emissions (only direct 2011 CO2 emissions). Historically indirect emissions represent less than 1% of AEP's direct CO2 emissions (based on EPA Climate Leaders reporting). Presented below are the emission of CH4 and N2O taken from AEP's 2010 EPA Mandatory GHG Reporting Rule submission. Although actually direct emissions, these emissions demonstrate the all emissions other than direct CO2 emissions are small.

Summary Of AEP 2010 GHG Emissions
All In Metric Tons Subpart C (non-Title IV Sources) Subpart D (Title IV Units) AEP Total
GWP: Global-Warming Potential 1 21 310 1 21 310
Facility CO2 CH4 N2O CO2 CH4 N2O Total
Total (metric Tons) 192,482 7 1 137,292,569 15,133 2,195 na
CO2e Total (metric Tons) 192,482 146 415 137,292,569 317,794 680,427 138,483,834
CO2e = Carbon Dioxide Equivalent Emissions         CH4 & N2O % of total: 0.7212%