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EC8 - Development and impact of infrastructure investments and services provided primarily for public benefit through commercial, in-kind, or pro bono engagement.

AEP’s investments and services have a significant beneficial impact on the areas where they take place. Each year, the company invests billions of dollars in generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure to ensure reliable electric service to the communities and customers that AEP serves.

In 2011, the company spent approximately $988 million for general capital improvements to its existing generating fleet, for new power generating capacity, and for environmental improvement projects designed to enhance the environmental performance of its existing power plants. AEP also invested approximately $411 million in transmission infrastructure including investments to enhance reliability, allow for prudent asset replacements and to improve customer service. The company's distribution organization invested $847 million for customer service improvements, asset enhancement, reliability, system restoration and other major initiatives. In the aggregate, these investments represent an investment in infrastructure of some $2.2 billion.

These investments supported local economies through the addition of local tax revenues, the impact of additional temporary jobs and numerous permanent jobs, and the development of infrastructure to support business development.

In addition, AEP supports a comprehensive community involvement program that allows the company to fulfill its primary community relations objective – “to support and play an active, positive role in the communities where we live and work.”

These efforts include educational initiatives designed to advance our communities’ understanding of energy and energy-related issues. They include community relations programs such as AEP Connects, which in 2011, provided grants totaling more than $125,000 to more than 800 organizations on behalf of active and retired employees who perform volunteer service for those organizations. And they include the contributions of the AEP Foundation – a permanent, ongoing resource for charitable initiatives involving higher dollar values and multi-year commitments in the communities we serve. In 2011, AEP allocated $20.6 million to philanthropic activities including civic, charitable and educational grants.