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3.6 - Boundary of the report (e.g., countries, divisions, subsidiaries, leased facilities, joint ventures, suppliers)

AEP anticipates updating its sustainability web site continually and publishing a summary CAR annually. The reporting period for this web site is calendar year 2011 except for early 2012 data where noted. This web site includes data from our utility subsidiaries, which include transmission and distribution operations; AEP Service Corporation, which provides accounting, administrative, information systems, engineering, financial, legal, maintenance, and other services at cost to the AEP System companies; MEMCO Barge Line and Commercial Operations, including joint ventures, subsidiaries, and leased facilities in which AEP employees work. The scope of this report does not include sustainability performance data from external organizations or activities over which the company has limited or no control or influence (e.g., suppliers, contractors, and customers). Unless otherwise noted, the reported data are from 2008 through 2011.