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Sustainable Work Force

AEP’s future success hinges largely on the availability of a skilled, motivated and diverse work force. Many challenges face us, from employee retention and morale to ensuring that employees have the skills to perform the required work in an ever-changing environment. We strive to be certain we have the resources and tools to succeed in the decades ahead despite uncertainty about the economic, policy and regulatory landscape.

AEP management has identified key work force challenges through 2014:

  • Employee retention and morale
  • Balancing workload and work force resources
  • Changing skill sets to support new technology
  • Providing employees with new/different skill sets
  • “Gaps” in technical and leadership skill and knowledge


Leading ways identified to address them are:

  • Understanding what motivates and retains employees
  • Skills/knowledge development
  • Reorganization and reallocation of resources
  • Preparing future leaders
  • Process improvement and determination of best practices
  • Programs to provide employees with varied work experiences and to transfer knowledge