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Dealing with H1N1

The threat of the H1N1 virus has been a challenge for AEP as it has been for other companies. As a result of previous risk management efforts, we formed an employee task force to deal with the potential for avian flu three years earlier, so a structure, policies and procedures already were in place to address H1N1.

The virus ultimately has had little impact on our operations except for a somewhat higher-than-usual level of absences. Cases of the flu – including H1N1 and seasonal flu – reached a three-year peak in 2009, totaling 947, according to AEP’s Human Resources Recovery Center. Seasonal flu vaccines were administered to approximately 13,325 employees, spouses and domestic partners in 2009 during company-sponsored health screenings. We also provided H1N1 vaccines as soon as they became available to us in 2010.

Participation in health screenings grew from 37.6 percent of eligible employees, spouses and partners during 2007-2008 to 40.4 percent during 2008-2009.

  • For more data, please see EU21 of the Electric Utility Sector Supplement