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The connections between environmental and social issues and our financial performance have caused us to rethink how we operate, the decisions we make, our approach to governance, how we conduct business and how we are perceived. We have worked to understand and align these forces with our strategy, risk management and competitiveness, and business results. At the same time, investors, employees, regulators and other key stakeholders have paid close attention to how we are managing these risks and opportunities both for today and our ability to thrive in the future.

Our core responsibilities are to produce and deliver reliable, cost-effective electricity to our customers, keep our employees safe from harm, and demonstrate environmental responsibility while providing a fair return to our investors. The leadership team develops and executes the strategy plan with the Board’s approval. Despite significant operational and financial challenges, we are confident that we will continue to grow our earnings and keep pace with the many changes affecting our company and industry to become stronger, leaner and even more competitive.

We are in business to be profitable, yet we are sensitive to the impacts our product has on the environment, the price our customers are willing to pay for electricity, the economic strength of our communities, and the value of informed stakeholder engagement. We seek to concurrently create financial, social and environmental prosperity.

Our operating environment is causing fundamental changes to our business model. These will increase our enterprise risks but also will create long-term opportunities that benefit the environment, our shareholders, our customers and our communities. We need to be simultaneously strategic and adaptable so that we can understand all the ways in which our financial success is connected to our ability to succeed in other areas. From the board room to the front line, we are working to manage these connections by setting clear goals, holding ourselves accountable, having the right people in the right places and rewarding high performers.


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