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Akins Message

We are proud to have delivered quarterly dividends to our shareholders continuously for more than a century. We have a strong balance sheet, investment-grade credit ratings and tight control over spending. We understand the social and economic value of electricity to our service territory and to society at large. We manage our system as a strategic asset that is fundamental to economic security and growth and to maintaining and improving the quality of people’s lives. A robust, efficient electricity grid is also vital to our sustainability.

Our strategy for success
Times of change and uncertainty also bring new opportunities. We have a clear, four-part strategy to manage our risks so that we are ready to seize new opportunities to deliver shareholder value and meet our customers’ needs during these dynamic times. Our focus is on executing that plan. We face formidable challenges, as we have many times in the past, but we are confident that we will emerge a stronger and more successful company.

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Our vision, mission, and values outline the principles that guide our business and provide the context for integrating sustainability into our strategy, daily operations, measurement and reporting. As we looked more closely at what sustainability means to us, we revised our Vision for Sustainability to better reflect our vision for the future.

Our goal is to help secure a lower-carbon energy future. That means more renewable energy, an extra-high voltage transmission backbone system, advanced coal technologies and energy efficiency. Our strategy and determination to achieve it have not changed. We want to work with all of our stakeholders to find common ground and move toward this goal.

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