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Our vision for sustainability
American Electric Power will be an energy leader through programs and technologies that protect people, manage our impacts on the environment, promote energy efficiency, provide for customer control over electricity usage and provide for greater access to renewable forms of energy and advanced clean energy technologies. We will work with our regulators and other stakeholders to achieve this through an approach that maximizes the positive economic, social and environmental impacts of our operations.
Company Overview 2010

American Electric Power has been providing electric service for more than 100 years and is one of the nation’s largest electric utilities, serving 5.3 million customers in 11 states.

Revenues (in billions) $ 15.1
Net Income (in millions) $ 1,9411
Earnings Per Share $ 4.021
Cash Dividends Per Share $ 1.85
Service Territory 200,000 square miles
Transmission 39,000 miles
765-kV Lines 2,116 miles
Distribution 223,000 miles
Generating Capacity 37,401 MW 2
Generating Stations 693
Renewable Portfolio (hydro) 364 MW4
Pumped Storage 586 MW5
Renewable Portfolio (wind, solar) 1,994 MW6
Total Kilowatt-hour Sales (millions) 216,000
Total Assets (in billions) $ 52.2
U.S. Customers ( in millions) 5.3
  1. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  2. Represents nominal capacity; includes 270 MW of mothballed/decommissioned generation, AEP’s interest in Ohio Valley Electric Corp., purchased power agreements and renewables.
  3. Unit 1 of Rockport Plant is owned one-half by AEG & one-half by I&M; Unit 2 is leased one-half by AEG and one-half by I&M. PSO & TNC and others are joint owners of Oklaunion Plant. Unit 3 of Amos Plant is owned one-third by APCO and two-thirds by Ohio Power. APCO owns Units 1 and 3 of Sporn Plant and Ohio Power owns Units 2, 4 and 5.
  4. Excludes pumped storage; includes owned capacity and purchased power. Nameplate capacity.
  5. Nominal capacity.
  6. Regulated wind capacity on line or under contract. Nameplate capacity.

Economic Impact

Employees (year-end) 18,710 1
Wages $1.7 billion
Construction Expenditures $2.7 billion 2
Local Taxes $547.7 million
State Taxes $335 million
Federal Taxes $119.5 million
Goods & Services (not fuel) $4.5 billion
Goods & Services from Diverse Suppliers $451 million
Remaining Value of All Contracts $1.2 billion3
Coal Purchased (tons) 63 million
Coal Average Purchase Price (per ton) $46.76
Corporate Giving $37.4 million4
Economic Development Contributions $4.3 million5
All numbers are rounded
  1. Includes subsidiaries of AEP.
  2. Construction expenditures include those expenses listed in the Cash Flow Statement.
  3. Supply chain purchased contracts and inventory system.
  4. Includes $22.2 million of AEP Foundation grants.
  5. Includes all grants and contributions by utility units to support economic development.

5.3 million customers

fuel mix

Energy sales